We ship internationally, and prices, therefore, vary based on order size and weight. At checkout, you can see your delivery cost. On order, the product is produced, which on average takes 1-3 days. Hereafter, the product is sent, which on average takes 1-2 weeks, depending on the location in the world.

Note: Covid is causing unexpected delays. We kindly ask you to be patient if your parcel is delayed. Please contact us at if the delay is longer than two weeks, and we will find a solution.


If your product has a manufacturing error or has been damaged during delivery, contact us immediately, and we will make it right with either a refund or a replacement.

At Northmilkyway every item is printed by order at specific manufacturers closest to the delivery address, and therefore we can't provide returns, as shipping to our main office wouldn't pay off. Always double-check your order before ordering.

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